Curious users purchased their own data. The results received show that they sell the data on average person for closely $50. This in general depends on amount of information. Some have confirmed that it is all there in details, and some that information is distorted. As with major companies even data brokers merge their gathered information with others. They have an opt-out service. To delete data from their website permanently costs $129 a year.

The Data Mining Companies are much similar. The firms gather large amounts of data and analyzing the raw material. Data mining is the analytical process of discovering patterns in large data sets involving methods of machine learning, statistics, and database systems. If you have been looking for a long lost relative, ancestor or school friend, the chance is your data is still on the Internet. Majority of people searching websites are storing all the data. Anything you have submitted is stored away on their servers. The Internet Browser add-ons or extensions can be extremely useful. However, recent researches have shown that lately popular VPN add-ons are tracking users every move. The paradox of the add-on that is primarily supposed to hide the users IP address, while tracking them.


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